Andy (andy2301) wrote,

What has changes since?

 I try to go and check everyday. Why? Because I like those interesting facts that come up on the front page. Yes, sometimes I can be really geeky. Celebrating anniversaries of things your randomly hear about. And it's a great way of learning something every day.

Today is the anniversary of the Russell-Einstein Manifesto. I came across this quote and it struck me than from 1945 to now not much has changed in order to stop human beings killing each other. And I'm sad.

"The prospect for the human race is sombre beyond all precedent. Mankind are faced with a clear-cut alternative: either we shall all perish, or we shall have to acquire some slight degree of common sense. A great deal of new political thinking will be necessary if utter disaster is to be averted."
That's all I have to say right now.
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